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There are a number of variables that will need to decided before your splashback can be quoted. These include the type of glass required, colour and paint type, the number of powerpoint cut outs and the job location.

To the left is a splashback on Clear glass, painted white on the back. Clear glass leaves a green tinge to the colour and is also great with reds, greens, blues and black, adding depth to the colour. Superclear glass shows a true representation of the colour on the back, and is perfect for whites, light colours and where the colour is matched to something else in the room. Glass is 6mm thick and all pieces are toughened (unless they are less than 80mm in width) and all edges are flat polished.

Another option is a mirrored splashback. We only use a product called 'Mirrorshield' for this type of splashback, and it is a grey, smokey mirror. It gives perfect reflection and will add a touch of class to your kitchen. The mirror splashback has the added benefit of making your kitchen appear bigger. Mirrorshield is a more expensive option but the results are fantastic.

Other options include high definition pictures (as on the front page), textured glass (usually 5mm in thickness and generally on Clear glass), flat paint or metallic paint, maybe add a sparkle to the look or have a design etched onto the front of the glass. The options are unlimited so use your imagination!

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